Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science

WG 12.10 - Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science


Assoc. Prof. Kai-Florian Richter, Department of Computing Science, @openlandmarks, Umeå University, Sweden

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Dr Maria Vasardani, VC Research Fellow, RMIT - School of Science, Geospatial Science, Melbourne, 3000, VIC

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The working group aims at connecting (again) research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. Specifically, the aims are

  • to raise awareness for the importance of concepts and findings from Cognitive Science in AI research that address spatial and spatio-temporal issues; but likewise, to inform cognitive science researchers about relevant findings and methods from AI;
  • to provide a platform for connecting researchers with similar interests and research questions, and possibly complementary skills and knowledge; thus, allowing them to tackle issues they could not address alone;
  • to promote findings and research to a wider audience in order to raise awareness of the importance of cognitive aspects in developing AI systems and services operating in spatial (and spatio-temporal) domains.


The working group addresses issues of intelligent systems being deployed in our day-to-day environments. An initial focus is on spatial and spatio-temporal problems, and systems such as social robots, self-driving vehicles, smart homes, and interactive location-based services. Issues of interest include (but are not restricted to):

  • interaction and communication between humans and such systems;
  • cognitive effects of using such systems;
  • a system’s ability to understand (and mimic) human concepts of space, spatio-temporal phenomena, and communication more generally;
  • ‘explainable AI’, i.e., a system’s ability to reason about and explain their behavior;
  • Exploiting principles of human reasoning, representation, and communication in the design of intelligent systems.

Members of the WG

Sven Bertel, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Christian Freksa, University of Bremen, Germany

Toru Ishikawa, Toyo University, Japan

Markus Kattenbeck, TU Vienna, Austria

Alexander Klippel, Penn State University, USA

Holger Schultheis, University of Bremen, Germany

Thora Tenbrink, Bangor University, UK

Sabine Timpf, University of Augsburg, Germany