IFIP TC12 - Artificial Intelligence - Scope

  • Aims and Scope of TC12


    • To foster the development and understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its applications worldwide.
    • To promote interdisciplinary exchanges between Artificial Intelligence and other fields of information processing.
    • To contribute to the further development of IFIP as the international body for Information Processing, and to achieving its overall aims and objectives.



    Artificial Intelligence covers a wide range of techniques, which can be applied to a very wide range of application areas. Its subfields include (but are not restricted to) the following:

    •     Automated Reasoning
    •     Belief Revision
    •     Case-Based Reasoning
    •     Computer Vision
    •     Constraint Satisfaction
    •     Data Mining
    •     Evolutionary Algorithms
    •     Intelligent Agents
    •     Intelligent Planning and Scheduling
    •     Intelligent Robotics
    •     Knowledge Acquisition
    •     Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
    •     Knowledge Engineering
    •     Knowledge-Based Systems
    •     Knowledge Management
    •     Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
    •     Machine Learning
    •     Machine Translation
    •     Model-based Reasoning
    •     Natural Language Processing
    •     Neural Nets
    •     Pattern Recognition
    •     Qualitative Reasoning
    •     Search
    •     Semantic Web
    •     Temporal Reasoning