From October 07, 2013 10:00 until October 07, 2013 17:00

At London

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Real AI 2013. BCS London office on Monday October 7th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Organised by the BCS AI Specialist Group (SGAI).

This event will be an eye-opener for those who are not up to date with recent practical developments in this important field. Organiser Dr Gilbert Owusu, Head of Resource Management Technologies Research at BT Research & Technology, says: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are in use in many business applications including fraud detection, speech recognition, fault diagnosis, game planning and resource management. Their applicability stems from the flexibility they provide in modelling and solving real world problems. Real AI 2013 will provide delegates with insights (case studies) into using AI to solve business problems. The case studies will outline the business problem and the steps taken to develop business applications of AI. Real AI is aimed at those using AI or who may be interested in understanding what AI can offer, and what it is doing right now."

Real AI 2013 features presentations on - using fuzzy logic in real world settings including industrial environments, mobile robots, ambient intelligent environments video congestion control and intelligent decision support applications;

Real AI costs £90 for BCS members, £100 for non-members and only £50 for students.  Group discounts are available.  Full details are at

Max Bramer
Chair, BCS Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence