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WG 12.6 – Knowledge Management

WG 12.6 – Knowledge Management

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  • Officers Chair Prof. Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Knowledge & Innovation Management and IAE Lyon University, 620 Chemin des Grives, FR-34160 SAINT DREZERY, France, e-mail: . Vice-Chair Prof. Mieczyslaw Lech Owoc, Wroclaw University of Economics, Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems, ul. Komandorska 118/120, PL-53-345 WROCLAW, Poland, e-mail: . Secretary Dr. Gülgün Kayakutlu, Istanbul Technical University, Information & Knowledge Management, İşletme Fakültesi, TR- 34367 MACKA, Istanbul, Turkey, e-mail: . Aims To develop advanced methods for organizing, accessing and exploiting multidisciplinary knowledge within organisations and enterprises. To bring together various areas of KM research and technology to meet this challenge, e.g. knowledge transfer and modelling, optimisation, natural language understanding, speech and image processing and understanding, reasoning methods, learning methods, communication methods, social aspects, complex problem solving, decision support, human-machine interaction, serious games. To develop technology for intelligent support of Knowledge Cultivators, e.g. intelligent knowledge navigation systems, multi modal interface, automatic translation, competency management, e- and m-activities such as learning, collaborative research and design, business, process control. To share the worldwide experience in the above domains. Scope Methodology, technologies, processes, and systems for supporting all aspects of knowledge management as communication, collaboration, learning, innovation, decision making, investigation, embedding and archiving. Knowledge thinking. Knowledge Holonomy - the interplay between individual, organizational, enterprise and society levels. Cross organisational. Technology trends includes: Intelligent multimodal knowledge acquisition and retrieval Knowledge discovery Technology for sustainable development Convergence of intelligences Technology for Knowledge Innovation Human machine interaction and collaboration Virtual reality and Games for KM e- and mobile actvities
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