1st act of AI festival

1st act of AI festival

From September 23, 2020 20:11 until September 23, 2020 22:11

At 132 boulevard Pénélope, 34000 MONTPELLIER

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“1st act of AI festival Montpellier”

Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Chair TC12

Due to Covid modifications the initial AI Forum France, could not take the planned form (AI Austria Forum). We decided to have several events beginning by the Round table September 23rd. It was hosted by Cité de l’économie et des métiers, Montpellier. The program was elaborated in collaboration with University of Montpellier ( ISDM and LIRMM labs) https://www.citedeleco.laregion.fr/evenements/occitaniaai-forum

The program included

  1. IFIP video and information on 60 years celebration.
  2. An overview of the successive waves of AI since 1956 and before by Eunika Mercier-Laurent
  3. Presentation of AI fields covered by south community of AI by Anne Laurent, ISDM, University of Montpellier
  1. AI for environment and agriculture by Dino Ienco, CIRAD
  2. AI and health by Pierre Larmande, IRD
  3. Pl@ntNet – IA at the service of plant biodiversity by Alexis Joly, INRIA
  4. My vision of AI in 60 years – all
  5. Evolution of software engineering by Marianne Huchard, LIRMM

Announcement of the next events and discussion closed the round table that attracted over 100 persons. All precautionary measures were taken.

All presentations can be found on https://seafile.lirmm.fr/d/ae46460d38dd40f4a99c/